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Co-Founder, with his brother Spiros Zakas, Peter is the current President of Z-Space Design Inc., a hospitality design firm which specialized in restaurant and hotel projects for almost 40 years with over 2,000 installations to their credit.

Peter studied architecture and design at Southern Tech University, incorporating, what was once known as Zakaspace, in 1975. His initial responsibilities were to help Spiros, his late brother, design, draw and act as the on-site supervisor. He then headed the purchasing department while developing his management and marketing skills.

Peter’s vision for Z-Space Design is unique to the hospitality design industry by creating enduring, timeless and classic designs that are both emotionally and visually appealing, plus extremely functional and profitable. Along with these lines, Peter has developed a “scientific, big picture vision” for their clients, prior to the detailed design execution. Peter and his team research hotel and restaurant concepts very technically. They begin with studying the demographics, analyzing menu direction, space and traffic flow, plus other crucial elements necessary to provide designs that are ongoing profit centers for the long haul. In addition, Zakaspace was one of the first design firms in the nation to use the CAD system, now a standard tool for most architectural design firms.

With offices in Atlanta, GA and Coral Springs, FL, this successful operation has received national attention. Best known for their projects with Lettuce Entertain You, Holiday Inn and Hilton Corporations, Houston’s, the Buckhead Life Restaurant Group and the nation’s most profitable Hard Rock Café in Myrtle Beach, S.C.

Peter Zakas is the driving force behind his company’s straight-forward, personalized and productive approach with clients, suppliers, and contractors, for which Z-Space Design has become synonymous with throughout the industry. His overall career goal is to create, through Z-Space Design, the industry’s most successful and innovative hospitality design firm, touching millions of lives through the various projects already completed and those challenges yet to come. The company’s track record, of producing successful projects on time and within budget, is due to the efforts of Peter and the Z-Space Design team.


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