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Silvia Milic is the Vice President of Z-Space Design Incorporated. Silvia combines her European-roots and real-life American dream to deliver exactly what her hospitality clients want. Working under the late founder, Spiros Zakas, Silvia was taught the ins and outs of the design industry while being very new to the country. A family calling, Silvia grew up in the hospitality industry watching her father in the hotel business. Silvia was born in Bosnia and Herzegovina. She received her degree in civil engineering from the University of Sarajevo. Silvia is quad-lingual and demonstrates the upmost professionalism with her clients.


In her 14 years with Z-Space Design, Silvia’s duties include developing designs, acting as the site supervisor for dozens of projects, coordinating suppliers and contractors to meet her customers’ desires. Given her consistent reliability during the ups and downs of any good business, Peter Zakas officially made Silvia a partner of Z-Space Design in 2009. As she consistently proves, she is able to strike the perfect balance of friendliness with firmness and the ability to remain detail-oriented while focusing on the big picture. Silvia and the Z-Space Design team have successfully designed over 1,000 hospitality establishments in over 30 states.



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